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Racing has always been a part of Maxwell Industries. It’s where we developed our shock dyno technology that transferred over to the transit industry. But, there is a difference in priorities for suspension parts between the race track and the city streets.

The priority for most transit companies is to prevent failures in the field, so many serviceable shocks and struts are thrown in the trash and replaced during maintenance. That means a lot of “cash goes into the trash.”

Maxwell Industries offers two ways for your organization to save that money:

  • Suspension testing equipment that can be installed in your maintenance shop to test, evaluate and track your suspension part inventory.

  • A shock and strut service program where you ship us your old parts, we test, recondition or rebuild, add time-stamped serial number for tracking and ship them back to you with matching documentation.

  • Eliminate Obsolescence

  • Gain Tax Advantages

  • Purchase today’s technology with tomorrow's dollars

  • Lower Monthly Payments

Maxwell Industries Transit Shock Service Program

We rebuild your mechanical components at a fraction of the cost of new with a warranty that exceeds the new part.

Transit Industry Services Offered

  • Test and re-certify shock absorbers 

  • Rebuild used shock absorbers to better than new condition

  • Investigation of ride quality problems 

  • Test and recalibrate rotary dampers

  • Customize shock absorber damping rates

  • Design and build suspension testing equipment

  • Repair and rebuild hydraulic struts for Dellner couplers

  • Reverse engineering of mechanical components

  • Suspension training and seminars

  • Vehicle maintenance engineering services

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What You Can Save

Here’s an example of the money Maxwell Industries can save you by testing and recertifying your shocks, struts and vapor door rods.

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