Why Choose Maxwell?

Our interest in fabrication started with racing. If you’re going to race, you have to learn pretty quick how to fix what you break on the track by yourself. While we’ve built a lot of race cars from the ground up, we’ve designed and built hundreds of headers and intake systems, along with a similar number of oil pans.Whatever engine or car you’re planning, bring us into the process early so we can make sure the oil pan and headers are perfectly matched to your specifications.

Header Systems

A lot of the headers we build for racing applications are for similar engine and head setups. We have built our own jigs for these popular configurations to help ensure an exact fit and make the assembly process go more smoothly. Whether it’s a racing header set, a street rod fitting challenge or a one-off Baja or Bonneville set, Contact Us to let us put our experience to work for you.

Oil Pans

Oil pans fabrication bring an entirely different set of challenges. There are a lot more variables and the fitment requires more mockup time to ensure all of the clearance and flow issues are addressed. Our experience in custom racing oil pans ranges from sprint cars and midgets to the world’s fastest piston engine vehicle - SPEED DEMON. The engine oil system for Speed Demon holds over XX quarts of oil, flows XX gpm and the car accelerates for the entire run, creates a unique set of challenges.

Custom Fabrication

Maxwell Industries has built a 37-foot-long land speed car from the ground up. We’ve built sprint cars and midgets from the ground up. If you have a custom fabrication project, we’re equipped to work on every part of the fabrication process. We even have a line of suspension dynos that we fabricate entirely in-house.