Suspension Testing
Racing has always been a part of Maxwell Industries. It’s where we developed our shock dyno technology that transferred from our sprint cars and land speed cars we build and race to buses and commuter trains. Even though they’re entirely different purposes, the same principles apply.
Transit Solutions
Maxwell Industries mined its knowledge base from racing and fabrication and found a way to save transit organizations thousands of dollars every year. Whether you purchase one of our shock dynos or utilize our service program, your organization will be saving “cash from your trash.”
Whether it’s for a salt flats car or a super-charged street rod, custom fabrication is an essential part of pushing the envelope. Our specialties are headers and oil pans, but our experience in complete race car fabrication means we can build anything you can dream up.
Maxwell is excited to add a HAAS CNC mill- VF 4 ss 40 tool with 4th axis!
We are excited to be the distributor for ARP wheel studs for RZR's. Click the find out why they're the best made!
Great Saturday night 9.19 at Perris Auto Speedway. Courtney Crone won her first Main Event in the Young Guns race and Chris Wakim won the 2015 Hall of Fame Senior Sprint Race, both in Maxwell Equipment!
Congratulations to Tristan Guardiano. Thanks Jimbo! Thanks Chris!
Thanks Sullivan-Palatek for the dynamite compressors for the Speed Demon project.
Bonneville Salt Flats