- 2 HP Roehrig  
  - Mason Rebel  
  - A-Line  
  - 2 HP Maxwell (3)  


Maxwell Industries buys and sells used shock dynos of any size, make, or model. Our used shock dyno program allows customers to purchase used dynos that have been refurbished & updated to a reliable working condition.

If you are interested in selling your shock dyno through Maxwell Industries' "Used Shock Dynos" program, contact us by e-mail:

Submit a picture, info about your dyno, and your asking price. We will list your dyno until it sells!!! (Please note an 8% commision rate on sale of dyno by Maxwell Industries)

2 HP A-Line Shock Dyno  
2 HP Maxwell Shock Dyno
  - 2 HP drive system - New Warranty
  - 220 volt single phase power - 110V
  - 1 to 24 inch per second speed - Small 16" x 16" foot print
  - Computer controlled dyno speed - 1,200 lbs capacity at 12 " per second
  - Plus and minus 1000 lb. load cell - Maintenance free scotch yoke
    - USB high accuracy data acquisition
$6,500.00 OBO

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